Staff Profile

Dr CHEW, Siou Chye, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist

Born in Singapore in 1970, with the following academic qualifications.

Bachelor of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 1995
Master of Science, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1999
Diploma of the Imperial College, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, 2008
Doctor of Philosophy, University of London, United Kingdom, 2008

Started career in Defence Science Organisation (now DSO National Laboratories) 1995 as:
Project Engineer (1995 - 1997)
Member of Technical Staff (1997 - 2001)
Senior Member of Technical Staff (2001 - present)

Joined Temasek Laboratories@NUS as adjunct research scientist in 2007.

Research Activities and Interests
Aircraft aerodynamics
Aerofoil and wing design
Flapping wing aerodynamics
Grid generation in Computational Fluid Dynamics

DSO National Laboratories Postgraduate Scholarship Award, 2003

Selected Publications
Chew S.C. & Tsai H.M., "A 3-D Grid Generation Method by an Algebraic Homotopy Technique", 5th International Grid Generation Conference, Mississippi State University, Mississippi, USA, Apr 1996, pp 629-638.

Chew S.C., Jiang Y.T. & Tsai H.M., "An Automatic 3-D Multi-Block Grid Generator using Hyperbolic-Elliptic Method", 6th International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulation, The University of Greenwich, London, UK, Jul 1998, pp197-208.

Tan H.H., Ng J.C., & Chew S.C., "Effects of MER Flexibility on Ripple Separation of MK-82 Bombs from F-5 Aircraft", Aerospace Technology Seminar 2002, Singapore, Sep 2002.

Ng J.C., & Chew S.C., "Ripple Store Separation Trajectory Prediction using Grid Survey Approach", Aircraft-Stores Compatibility Symposium XIII, Florida, USA, 18-21 Feb 2003.