Staff Profile

Mr ZHANG, Guitian, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, email:

Born in Tianjin, China in 1964. Attended the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China, obtained the Bachelor degree in 1985 and Master degree in 1988 in Aerospace Engineering. Started career in DSO 1995 and was:

MTS (1997 - 2000)
SMTS (2000 - present)
Joined Temasek Laboratories as in 2007.

Research Interests
Pulse detonation engine (PDE technology)
High-speed aerodynamics
Combustion dynamics

Defence Technology Prize (Project K) / Ministry of Defence, 8 Nov 2000

Selected Publications
G.T. Zhang, Y.T. Jiang, M.S. Yip, B.J.D. Liu, E. Daniau, and F. Falempin "Numerical Study on The Effects of Obstacle Shape on the SDT and DDT Run-up Distance in a Tube", 21st ICDERS, Poitiers, France, 23-27 Jul 2007.

Emeric DANIAU, Francois FALEMPIN, Guitian ZHANG, Hee suan FOO and Mee sin YIP, Yitsann JIANG and Darius LIU, "Preliminary work for a pulsed detonation engine demonstrator", AIAA2006-7957

Zhang Guitian, Cheng Wei Ping and Lee Aik Soon, "Numerical analysis of thrust vector control (TVC) for a generic nozzle", 1st Fluent CFD Conference 2003 for India and SEA, Nov 2003, India

Zhang Guitian and Cheng Wei Ping, "A numerical study of drag reduction with counterflow jet", ATS 2002, Singapore