Antenna Group

Programme Overview

Antennas and antenna arrays are important sub-systems in communication and radar systems. Special antennas are designed for specific applications. Our research focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of advanced antennas and antenna arrays, developing special tools for analysis of antennas and radomes.

Broad Objectives

    • To explore and conduct research on advance antennas with special applications.
    • To develop highly efficient computational tools to model the radiation / coupling properties of antennas and associated environment.
    • To develop special codes for radome analysis.

Research Scopes

Broadband phased antenna array and conformal antenna array
Novel antenna elements: Low profile, broad bandwidth
Mutual coupling affection among the elements
Wide angle scan performance of the array

Compact size low frequency antennas
Low height conical antenna
Wire loaded antenna (optimization and design)
Active antenna

Digital beam forming antenna array
Improved adaptive pattern nulling and ultra-low sidelobes
Closely spaced multiple beams and super resolution
Element pattern correction

Project Highlights

Broadband small antennas in UHF band
Efficient analysis of patches on finite, arbitrarily-curved grounded substrate
Optimization design of wire loaded antenna
Study of broadband antenna and arrays
Synthesis and analysis of conformal antenna array

Technical Staff

Dr CHIO, Tan Huat, Principal Research Scientist, email:
Mr CHENG, Jang Ming, Senior Research Scientist, email:
Mr SOW, Sek Meng, Senior Research Scientist, email:
Mr ANG, Chin Keong Dylan, Laboratory Technologist, email:
Mr TAN, Peng Khiang, Laboratory Technologist, email:


Adjunct Staff

Dr LU, Jian, Adjunct Principal Research Scientist, email:
Dr WEE, Wei Hsiung, Adjunct Research Scientist, email: