Project Highlight

Antenna Group

Efficient analysis of patches on finite, arbitrarily-curved grounded substrate

This project aims at developing an efficient analysis code for probe-fed microstrip antennas on arbitrarily- shaped, finite-sized ground planes and substrates.

Method of Moments based on the volume-surface-wire integral equation (VSWIE) is developed to analyze the microstrip antennas, which the entire structure comprising the patch, ground plane, dielectric substrate and probe feed. Three triangular-type basis functions are used to expand the unknown currents on the patch, ground, probe, and in the dielectric slab. A special basis function is used to model the rapidly varying patch current in the vicinity of the connection point and to ensure continuity of electric current from the feed to the patch. The precorrected-FFT (P-FFT) method, a fast algorithm associated with (for surface integral equation) or (for volume integral equation) complexity, is applied to accelerate the matrix-vector products in the iterative solution of the matrix equation, and to reduce the memory requirement.

The method can also be used to treat arbitrary configurations with conducting wire-surface junctions such as wire antennas mounted on aircrafts, ships or satellites. Microstrip antennas with conformal finite frequency selective surfaces (FSS) radome can also be analyzed using this method (Fig.1 and Fig.2).