Project Highlight

Antenna Group

Synthesis and analysis of conformal antenna array

This project aims at developing a practical design method for the conformal antenna array.

In the previously published methods about conformal array antenna synthesis, the element is mostly dealt with ideal point source, analytic approximation or measured data. The affection of platform on the antenna is seldom considered. Here, dipoles are used as elements. Both the mutual coupling between the elements and the array-platform interaction can be taken into account by MoM.

The dipole antenna can be regarded as a metallic narrow strip and then electric field integral equation (EFIE) can be used to antennas and their mounting platform. To improve these computational complexity and memory requirements of a traditional MoM, adaptive integral method (AIM) is applied. For a general target with N unknowns, it needs memory and or computational complexity. Here is the number of iterations. Using AIM, the solution requires memory and computational complexity.

By choosing the phase according to the position of the antenna element, the beam can be focused in the desired direction. Then DE, a competitive optimizer, can be used to optimize the amplitude weights as optimization parameters to give a good quality antenna pattern.

Conformal array antennas mounted at abdomen can be simulated by a circular array, and antenna array at the wing of aircraft can also be synthesized by appropriate modeling.