Project Highlight

Antenna Group

Study of broadband antenna and arrays

Broadband antenna and antenna are widely used in radar and communication systems. This project focuses on investigating broadband antenna elements and antenna array.

Some developed broadband antennas are fabricated (Figure 1). All the developed antennas have simple structures. The measured results verify that the antennas have wide bandwidth.

In Figure 1, Antenna A is planar dipole antenna array. The grid size of the array is 21mm×21mm, the thickness of the array is 12.7mm. The antenna’s VSWR is below 2 over 6GHz to 10GHz. The sizes of array’s elements are 10mm in height and 15mm in width (Antenna B). The VSWR is lower than 2 from 7.5GHz to 16GHz.

Antenna C is a novel antenna. Its structure is compact. This class antennas have 3:1 bandwidth both VSWR (<2) and radiation patterns.

Detailed structure of a novel antenna is presented in Figure 2. The simulated results and measured results shown the antenna is wide bandwidth antenna. When H is around 20mm, R 10mm, the antenna’s VSWR is lower than 2 from 3GHz to 8GHz. Different shape antenna is shown in Figure 3. All these antennas are broadband antennas. The designed antenna array and the measured return loss are presented in Figure 4 and Figure 5. The active radiation patterns of the center elements are acceptable from 3GHz to 7.5GHz.