Advanced Materials Group

Programme Overview

The Advanced Materials Group aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying physics governing the electromagnetic (EM) properties of materials, particularly pertaining to the interaction of EM wave with materials and structures, that are relevant to the development of materials for defense applications.

Broad Objectives

    • To conduct research into the electromagnetic behavior of various types of materials
    • To grain in-depth understanding of the physics behind wave-material interactions
    • To develop EM materials and verify their properties
    • To explore new materials with novel EM properties

Research Scopes

Magnetic Materials

    • Ferrite materials with high permeability (μ΄) and high losses (μ΄΄) for RAM applications
    • Ferrite materials with low losses (ε΄΄ and μ΄΄) for HF/VHF applications
    • Carbonyl iron and metallic alloys
    • Thin film materials with high permeability (μ΄) for RAM applications

Composite Materials (with inclusions of)

    • Plate-like ferrie and core-shell structure
    • Conductive fibers (non-magnetic and magnetic)
    • Thin film slab of alloy/ferrite

Metamaterials for Potential Applications

    • Artificial permeability for thin RAMs
    • Anisotropic structures (helix/chiral)
    • Negative refraction index materials
    • Metamaterials for surface wave applications

Smart Materials/Structures (Active Materials)

    • Active screens
    • Tunable RAMs

Measurement and Numerical Simulation/Calculation

Project Highlights

Development of magneto-dielectric materials for antenna miniaturizations
Electromagnetic smart screens and applications
Magnetic thin films for high-frequency applications
New magnetic fillers for EM attenuation composites at microwave frequencies
Synthesis and characterization of core/shell nano-particle for electromagnetic application at gigahertz frequencies
Ultra-thin metamaterial absorber

Technical Staff

Dr YANG, Yong, Research Scientist, email:
Dr YANG, Zhihong, Visiting Research Scientist, email:
Mr YOONG, Keng Kai, Laboratory Technologist, email:

Adjunct Staff

Dr DENG, Chaoran, Adjunct Senior Principal Research Scientist, email:
Dr KOH, Cheong Yang Henry, Adjunct Research Scientist, email: