Staff Profile

Professor ONG, Chong Kim, Senior Principal Research Scientist, email:

Current Research
Superconductivity, magnetism and ferroelectricity;
Microwave measurements and materials characterization;
Electromagnetic materials,spin wave and spintronic;
Microwave nonlinear metasurface;

Selected Publications
“Dual control of ferromagnetic resonance frequency in multiferroic heterostructures by oblique deposition and electric field” Phuoc,NN and Ong CK,Journal of Applied Physics,118(2015)093903

“Localised excitation of magnetostatic surface spin waves in yttrium iron garnet by shorted coaxial probe detected via spin pumping and rectification effect”Soh WT,Peng B and Ong CK, Journal of Applied Physics,117(2015)153903

“Temperature dependence dynamical permeability characterization of magnetic thin film using near-field microwave microscopy.” Hung LT,Phuoc NN,Wang XC and Ong CK, Review of Scientific Instruments, 82(2011 ) 084701.

“An omnidirectional retroreflector based on the transmutation of dielectric singularities” Ma YG, Ong CK, Tyc T, Leonhardt U, Nature Materials 8(2009) 639-642.

“Ultrawideband microwave noise filter: Hybrid antiferromagnet/ferromagnet exchange-coupled multilayers”. Phuoc, N.N., F. Xu, and C.K. Ong,Applied Physics Letters, 94(2009)092505.

“BiFeO3 film deposited on Si substrate buffered with La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 electrode.” Wang, D.H.Goh WC,Ning M and Ong CK,Applied Physics Letters, 89(2006),212907.