Propagation & Scattering Group

Programme Overview

To understand, control and exploit the propagation and scattering characteristics of electromagnetic (EM) waves in real world, it is essential to develop methodologies and computational EM (CEM) tools for modeling both scattering and radiation problems with practical configurations. Particularly important are configurations that are electrically large in size, complex in structure, and irregular in shape.

The Propagation and Scattering Group of Temasek Laboratories undertakes the long-term development of CEM capabilities, to be fulfilled through the following six efforts:

    • To conduct research on advanced computational algorithms for modeling complex EM wave propagation and scattering phenomena;
    • To physically understand and efficiently solve EM propagation and scattering problems using suitable methodologies, and with good accuracy in the solutions;
    • To investigate various techniques for controlling and exploiting the EM wave propagation and scattering behaviors of complex targets;
    • To build good benchmarking models with clear physical meaning for providing high quality mesh and measured data, to test the capabilities of the EM tools developed;
    • To demonstrate, with the use of suitable prototypes, the technologies and capabilities developed;
    • To build a core research teamin EM wave propagation and scattering research.

Project Highlights

Advanced prediction tools for EM wave propagation and scattering problems
Developments on EM wave characteristics control techniques
Developments on novel hybrid methods for large and complex EM problems
Developments of time domain CEM techniques for wave propagation and scattering problems

Group Head

Dr WANG, Chao-Fu, Principal Research Scientist, email:

Technical Staff

Dr CHIA, Tse Tong, Principal Research Scientist, email:
Dr LIU, Ziliang, Senior Research Scientist, email:
Dr CHENG, Guangshang, Research Scientist, email:
Mr KEE, Chun Yun, Associate Scientist, email: