Recent Publications

1. Title: Study Of A Parasitic U-slot Patch Array Antenna With Characteristic Mode Analysis (Journal)
Source: Microwave And Optical Technology Letters Vol: 60 ISS: 2 PP: 482-488 Published Jan 2018
Author(s): Yeung Sai Ho; Wang Chao-fu;
Research Area: Electromagnetic
2. Title: N2 Purging Effect On Electrodeposition Of Active Ferromagnetic Thin Feco Films (Journal)
Source: Journal Of Alloys And Compounds Vol: 730 ISS: 0 PP: 284-290 Published Oct 2017
Author(s): Zong Baoyu; Wu Yuping ; Ho Pin ; Chan Woei Leong ; Yang Yong ; Zhao Chen ; Deng Tianwei ; Phuoc Nguyen Nguyen ; Li Zhengwen ;
Research Area: Electromagnetic
3. Title: Distributed Cooperative Collision Avoidance Control And Implementation For Multi-unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Conference)
Source: Asian Control Conference (02 Dec 2017 - 02 Dec 2017), Published Dec 2017
Author(s): Huang Sunan; Teo Rodney Swee Huat; Liu Wenqi; Dymkou Siarhei Michailovich ;
Research Area: Control & Guidance
4. Title: Review Of Coverage Control Of Multi Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Conference)
Source: Asian Control Conference (02 Dec 2017 - 02 Dec 2017), Gold coast,Australia Published Dec 2017
Author(s): Huang Sunan; Teo Rodney Swee Huat ; Leong Wai Lun;
Research Area: Control & Guidance
5. Title: Bio‐inspired Flexible Flapping Wings With Elastic Deformation (Journal)
Source: Aerospace Vol: 4 ISS: 3 PP: 0-0 Published Jul 2017
Author(s): Truong Van Tien; Nguyen Quoc Viet; Lee Heow Pueh;
Research Area: Aerodynamic
6. Title: Switching Time Of Electrical Tuning Of Permeability In Strain-mediated Multiferroic Heterostructures (Journal)
Source: Journal Of Applied Physics Vol: 122 ISS: 7 PP: 73904-7 Published Aug 2017
Author(s): Phuoc Nguyen Nguyen; Ong Chong Kim;
Research Area: Electromagnetic
7. Title: Quieter Propellers (Conference)
Source: 7th European Conference For Aeronautics And Aerospace Sciences (eucass) (01 Jul 2017 - 01 Jul 2017), Milan, Italy Published Jul 2017
Author(s): Lee Hsiao Mun; Lu Zhenbo; Lee Heow Pueh;
Research Area: Aerodynamic
8. Title: Ultra-wideband Based Cooperative Relative Localization Algorithm And Experiments For Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles In Gps Denied Environments (Journal)
Source: International Journal Of Micro Air Vehicles Vol: 9 ISS: 3 PP: 169-186 Published Sep 2017
Author(s): Guo Kexin; Qiu Zhirong; Meng Wei; Xie Lihua; Teo Rodney;
Research Area: Control & Guidance
9. Title: Implementation Of Active Attitude Stabilization On A Double Clap-and-fling Flapping Wing Mav With Surveillance Capability (Conference)
Source: International Conference On Intelligent Unmanned Systems (02 Aug 2017 - 02 Aug 2017), Tamkang University, Taiwan Published Aug 2017
Author(s): Chan Woei Leong; Nguyen Quoc Viet; Debiasi Marco;
Research Area: Aerodynamic
10. Title: A Reflectarray Antenna Design For Installation On A 3u-cubesat (Conference)
Source: 2017 International Symposium On Antennas & Propagation (02 Oct 2017 - 01 Nov 2017), Phuket, Thailand Published Oct 2017
Author(s): Chia Tse Tong; Chio Tan Huat; Lim Wai Yean; Manzoni Giulio; Mouthaan Koen;
Research Area: Electromagnetic