17 April 2017 - Visit by participants of DMSC 2017, DSTA

7 April 2017 - Seminar on “An Experimental Study of Supersonic Jets using 3D Schlieren and Optical Flow Techniques” by Mr Lim Haoxiang Desmond, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NTU

13 March 2017 - Seminar on "Central Schemes: A Powerful Black-Box Solver For Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDES" by Professor Alexander Kurganov, Southern University of Science and Technology of China and Tulane University, USA

13 March 2017 - Visit by Mr. Ng Chee Khern, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development), MINDEF


Aeronautical Sciences Division
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, design optimization.
Flow control, pulse detonation engine.
Robust & failure-tolerant control, guidance.

Electromagnetics Division
Antenna design.
Propagation and scattering of EM waves, computational EM.
EM materials.

Information Security Programme
Cryptology, system security, wireless and network security

Recent Publications

Title: Understanding The Ultimate Structure Of Matters And Some Scientific Doubts Of Nature Through Simple Hypotheses (Journal)
Source: Osr Journal Of Applied Physics Vol: 9 ISS: 2 PP: 64-68 Published Mar 2017
Author(s): Zong Baoyu;
Research Area: Electromagnetic

Title: Experimental Investigation Of Wing Flexibility On Force Generation Of A Hovering Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle With Double Wing Clap-and-fling Effects (Journal)
Source: International Journal Of Micro Air Vehicles Vol: 0 ISS: 0 PP: 0-0 Published Mar 2017
Author(s): Nguyen Quoc Viet; Chan Woei Leong; Debiasi Marco;
Research Area: Aerodynamic

Title: Force Estimation And Failure Detection Based On Disturbance Observer For An Ear Surgical Device (Journal)
Source: Isa Transactions Vol: 66 ISS: 1 PP: 476-484 Published Jan 2017
Author(s): Liang Wenyu; Huang Sunan; Chen Silu; Tan Kok Kiong;
Research Area: Control & Guidance