2 February 2018 - Seminar on "Numerical Studies of High-Speed Flows using WENO Methods in OpenFOAM® " by Mr. U S Vevek, Nanyang Technological University

12 January 2018 - Seminar on "Affine Formation Maneuver Control of Multi-agent Systemss" by Dr. Zhao Shiyu, Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

8 January 2018 - Visit by Dr. Alex Zelinsky, Australia Chief Defence Scientist

28 December 2017 - TL Year-end Gathering 2017


Aeronautical Sciences Division
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, design optimization.
Flow control, pulse detonation engine.
Robust & failure-tolerant control, guidance.

Electromagnetics Division
Antenna design.
Propagation and scattering of EM waves, computational EM.
EM materials.

Information Security Programme
Cryptology, system security, wireless and network security

Recent Publications

Title: Study Of A Parasitic U-slot Patch Array Antenna With Characteristic Mode Analysis (Journal)
Source: Microwave And Optical Technology Letters Vol: 60 ISS: 2 PP: 482-488 Published Jan 2018
Author(s): Yeung Sai Ho; Wang Chao-fu;
Research Area: Electromagnetic

Title: N2 Purging Effect On Electrodeposition Of Active Ferromagnetic Thin Feco Films (Journal)
Source: Journal Of Alloys And Compounds Vol: 730 ISS: 0 PP: 284-290 Published Oct 2017
Author(s): Zong Baoyu; Wu Yuping ; Ho Pin ; Chan Woei Leong ; Yang Yong ; Zhao Chen ; Deng Tianwei ; Phuoc Nguyen Nguyen ; Li Zhengwen ;
Research Area: Electromagnetic

Title: Distributed Cooperative Collision Avoidance Control And Implementation For Multi-unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Conference)
Source: Asian Control Conference (02 Dec 2017 - 02 Dec 2017), Published Dec 2017
Author(s): Huang Sunan; Teo Rodney Swee Huat; Liu Wenqi; Dymkou Siarhei Michailovich ;
Research Area: Control & Guidance